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Quantity Description Price
Adult Non-DV Intake$50.00
Adolescent Alt. to Aggression (1-Day)$70.00
Adult Alt. to Aggression (1-Day)$75.00
Anger Management Group (weekly)
Comprehensive DV Evaluation$225.00
Comprehensive SA or MH Evaluation
DBT Group (weekly)
Domestic Violence Group (weekly)
Domestic Violence Intake$85.00
DUI Group (weekly)
Adolescent Ethics & Victim Empathy(1day)$70.00
Adult Ethics & Victim Empathy(1day)$75.00
Individual Therapy
Level B DV Contact
Life Skills (1-day)$70.00
MRT Group (weekly)
No-Show Fees/Other
Non-Substance Abuse Cog Group (weekly)
Adolescent One-Day Substance Abuse$70.00
Adult One-Day Substance Abuse$75.00
Parenting (1-day)$90.00
Parenting (weekly)
Adolescent Petty Theft (1-day)$70.00
Adult Petty Theft (1-day)$75.00
Pre-Teen Young Offenders (1-day)$50.00
Re-Enrollment Assessment$30.00
Substance Abuse Cognitive Group (weekly)
Triple R (1-day)$75.00