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Therapeutic Adult Services

National Institute of Change offers a wide range of treatments and dynamic therapists who integrate individualized therapy with a practical, experiential opportunities and application.

Individuals who come to NIC for help quickly realize the counseling experience is an opportunity to once again embrace your life’s journey.


Therapeutic Adolescent Services

Adolescent counseling provides an opportunity for vulnerable youth to develop and enhance skills for building and maintaining a strong foundation for healthy, prosocial decision making in challenging circumstances.

NIC works works closely with families and communities using restorative and evidenced based practices and to ensure that youth can get back on the track of healthy development.

Adolescent treatment is individualized and all services plans are developed in collocation with the client, their family and the therapist.


One Day Classes

Our One Day Classes are interactive, hands-on, and designed to provide participants with a wide range of practical life skills. NIC’s trainers integrate cognitive based interventions and experiential learning theory with the best research to create meaning and useable learning opportunities.